Uncle Ebo Whyte shares10 best life-changing tips for single mothers

Ghanaian film producer, writer, and playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte has shared some tips that can be considered as life-changing for single mothers.

Parenting is a difficult task but single parenting or single motherhood is certainly a Herculean task that breaks one back.

The stress, tears and unending depression single mothers go through can serve as a long-lasting scar on their hearts. This scar ultimately stampedes them from rediscovering themselves, doing the right things and possibly finding love again.

Whatever situation that rendered you or someone a single mother can still be an avenue for success if you or the person puts into practice these tips from Uncle Ebo Whyte.

Advice to my single daughters

1. You must learn to live first before you marry. Love yourself, so you can receive love, and grow to become the better version of yourself.

2. Remember that you are complete without a man

3. Stop looking for the right person and be the right person

4. Take time to understand men

5. Learn to cope with loneliness. Marriage doesn’t cure loneliness just as it doesn’t cure lust.

6. Be realistic in your expectations

7. Be selfish in choosing a life partner, so you can be selfless in marriage

8. Understand that people will give you what they know you’ll take

9. Learn to communicate better

10. Never stop living, even after you marry. Never stop. Find a hobby, find a passion, don’t lose your dreams.




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