Tsatsu Tsikata reveals favourite food joint

Veteran legal practitioner, Tsatsu Tsikata, has disclosed that the Osu Night Market is his number one eat-out place.

In a recent interview with KSM, he lauded the Osu Night.

Market for being a refreshing spot for meeting his culinary expectations, especially during his days as a bachelor.

The former boss of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation said a kenkey joint at the Market was his favourite and still is.

In an interview on the KSM Show, he narrated that to impress some people close to him, he took them along to go and see his favourite kenkey and fish joint at the Osu Night Market.

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“What is more amazing about it is apart from the wonders of her [seller] food, I got to find out that this lady, through her night market job, had educated her daughter,” he said.

He said when he went there, the seller introduced her daughter to him and said she was studying at the University of Ghana.

“Maybe by now, she may be a lawyer and she may as well be the next Supreme Court Justice,” he jokingly said.

He, however, added that he has lost track of his last visit “because these days, it’s not just because of coronavirus but being no longer a bachelor boy.”

“Even when I was in prison, I was getting home-cooked food every single day because my wife insisted that I have to eat home-cooked food even in prison,” he said.

He also stated that he used to go to Achimota’s Night Market as well, where the kenkey is also very good.

Mr Tsikata said although the staple Ghanaian food is his favourite, he also likes Akple or Fetri Detsi.

He said if he doesn’t get his Akple or Fetri Detsi then kenkey is a good enough substitu



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