Transport fares expected to shoot up by 10%

The gathering also decided that it was time to revisit some fuel levies.
In the just closed Pricing-window of June 15, 2022, fuel prices on the local market climbed by an average of almost 4%.


The Institute for Energy Security (IES) predicted that prices will climb dramatically again for the remainder of June 2022 as a result of the cedi’s 0.86 percent devaluation and the 14.81 percent increase in gasoline and diesel prices on the global market.
Transport fares expected to shoot up by 10%
In nominal terms, it said petrol price will increase by about 10% to sell above ¢11per litre and diesel by about 15% to sell above ¢14 per litre.

Price of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), however, was projected to fall further by 5% from its current price.

Meanwhile, market leader, GOIL, has increased the price of petroleum products at the pumps.

It went up over the weekend.

A litre of petrol is going for ¢10.99 which is in line with the current market condition.

However, diesel is going for ¢13.39 pesewas.

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