Train accident: Four accused persons granted GH₵800K bail

Four people were detained for their alleged roles in the train accident at Abortia in the Volta Region, and an Accra High Court has given them each GH₵200,000 bail.

The defendants, Koku Koudjo, a 34-year-old gas welder, Patrick Kwaku Sosu, a 52-year-old laborer, Alaza Prosper, a 28-year-old laborer, and Fiadugbe Emmanuel, a 31-year-old laborer, were directed by the court, presided over by Justice Mrs. Lydia Osei Marfo, to furnish sureties with explanations.

Every Friday, they have to report to the police.

The defendants and their sureties were directed by the court to turn up copies of their Ghanaian passports to the Court Registry.

Additionally, it forewarned the accused that their bail would be revoked if they failed to appear in court and that a bench warrant would be issued for their arrest if they arrived late.

The prosecution has been given until June 6, 2024, to file its disclosures, hence the case has been postponed.

The defendants are accused of aiding and abetting unlawful harm.

Train accident: Four accused persons granted GH₵800K bail

They are charged with helping incarcerated truck driver Abel Dzidotor cause illegal damage to the Diesel Multiple Unit Train.

The judge granted them bail, noting that the investigations against the accused were almost finished.

The court stated that even if the offenders were given bail, the harm they had caused could still be evaluated.

Assistant State Attorney Christabel Selma Anafure led the prosecution informing the court that the state has asked experts to assess the damage.

She thus asked that the accused be kept on detention and that the case be postponed.

The accused had applied for bail, and the defense team, lead by Richard Laapo, brought this to the court’s notice.

Mr. Laapo pointed out that the Republic had not received the application for bail.

From the defense attorney’s perspective, the Republic’s motion for an adjournment shouldn’t stop the court from using its discretion and releasing the accused.

“Per the submission of the Republic, they have invited experts to value the damage caused or suffered by the train.

“The assessment of the damage has no bearing on the grant of bail by the court,” he said.

The case of the prosecution was that the complainant, Dr Divine Olutey, is an Engineer with the Ghana Railway Corporation.

It said that on April 18, 2024, between 0900 and 1300 hours, the accused were on board a Hyundai Gold Truck with registration number GS 9018-20, driven by one Dzidotor Abel, who is now in jail.

The prosecution told the court that preliminary investigations revealed that Koudjo, the first accused, purchased blocks from a factory in Juapong and transported them to Abortia through the railway underpass.

Dzidotor, the convict, was in the truck with the accused. After discharging the blocks at Koudjo’s site, they chose to cross the railway with the vehicle instead of using the underpass.

The prosecutor claimed that despite knowing the railway lines were inaccessible to motor vehicles, the four accused used it as a “shortcut” to reach Juapong.

The prosecution said that when the accused realized they could not cross the railway tracks, they placed stones to create a route for the truck.

However, the truck got stuck on the railway line.

The prosecutor told the court that the accused tilted the truck’s head and left the scene without notifying trains on the tracks.

The prosecution said there was no access route across the railway tracks connecting the Juapong road.

It said regardless of whether the truck had crossed, a large gutter on the west side of the tracks would have prevented the accused from connecting to the Akuse-Juapong road.

The court was told that on the same day, the complainant and 28 engineers from Ghana and Poland took a test drive of the new Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train from Tema to Mpakadan.

The prosecution said that the test run had been announced ahead of time and that when the train got to the Abortia area, it collided with a stationary Hyundai Gold truck on the railway track.

“Both the train and truck got damaged, the train was sent to Tema for examination while the scrap of the vehicle, which was damaged beyond repairs, was taken to the Juapong Police Station for further action,” Prosecution added.

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