Tracey Boakye puts her fleet of cars on display

Tracey Boakye, a Ghanaian actress and film producer, emphasized her affluence by singing a provocative song and showing off her fancy automobiles.

The actress swayed and moved her body to the beat and words of Grace Ashy’s famous song while driving her fancy automobiles straight in front of the camera.

Fans could not fail to notice Tracey Boakye’s distinctively personalized Lexus SUV license plate.

Tracey Boakye puts her fleet of cars on display

In an orange peplum top with two-tier ruffles at the bottom that delicately grazed the waist of her blue denim trousers, Tracey Boakye shone.

A spiral-curly wig and big oval-shaped expensive sunglasses completed her ensemble.

The actress displayed her huge diamond wedding ring with passionate motions, her right hand holding her car keys.

Tracey Boakye captioned the video: “Happy New Week Fam ❤️ #francey22

“Happy New Week Fam ❤️ #francey22



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