Tracey Boakye goes hard on critics mocking her over Jackie Appiah’s mansion

After a video of her opulent property was released on social media, actress Jackie Appiah has been the top trending topic in the local digital market for the past three days.

When she visited Jackie at Trassaco, Nigerian actress and producer Luchy Donald tweeted a video of her property. Jackie and Luchy Donald could be seen exploring the mansion in the video.

“Guys na women do am ooh no be man,” the Nigerian actress remarked, describing the house as “powerful.”

Tracey Boakye goes hard on critics mocking her over Jackie Appiah’s mansion

Many social media users mocked Tracey Boakye, Diamond Appiah, and Afia Schwar for constantly bothering them online with their small abode when the video went popular in the local digital arena.

Diamond Appiah gave the finger to all the attackers who used the opportunity to make fun of her accomplishment, and Tracey Boakye has done the same.

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Tracey Boakye asserts that even at age 31, she has accomplished a great deal for herself because she owns a home, cars, and a successful business, and that as a result, her detractors ought to quit making a fool of themselves.
Tracey Boakye stated, “I’m incredibly blessed,” adding that she used to look up to Jackie Appiah when she was younger and had not yet achieved fame because Jackie was already well-known at the time.

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