Top 5 secrets to achieve the best orgasm

The secret to achieving mind-blowing orgasms isn’t something extraordinary as people usually deem it to be.

To get the best sexual experience out there, here are some top secrets to get the best orgasm ever!

  • Get the right position

It’s all about the positions. The women can start by being on top of their partner for much deeper sexual intercourse. This allows the woman to move accordingly to hit her right spot, and also allows the man to feel great sexual stimulation. The best position is one where both the partners can get access to each other easily.

  • Do the right talk

Partners can dirty talk with each other because it will increase the intensity and sexual tension to a great extent. Sometimes, men want to know what their woman wants in bed. Telling them might do them good as to what you want for good sexual stimulation. Deep, sexy moaning can also be a turn-on!

  •  Exercise well

Women can opt for Kegels since it’s a fantastic exercise for strengthening the hip and vaginal muscles. This exercise helps achieve sexually satisfying orgasms that will definitely give you the spice you’re looking for, in your sex life. A few times of Kegels a day can do the trick.

  • Masturbate to learn

Masturbation is a self-stimulating act that gives you utmost pleasure and helps understand what you really want. Once you start masturbating, you will understand what pleasures you and what doesn’t. Masturbating teaches you a lot about your body’s orgasmic points.

  • Delay the orgasm, literally

When you are close to an orgasm, stop yourself and your partner right there. This delay in orgasm will help you control your orgasmic muscles, allowing for better orgasms in the way. The longer you wait, the more arousal you’ll gain and the bigger the explosion it will be. You can do this a few times before you and your partner climax.

Credit: Pulse Nigeria

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