Top 30 Most Followed Nollywood Figures On Tiktok

Nollywood celebrities are not excluded from the excitement surrounding TikTok, which has emerged as a hub for entertainment and innovation.

They’ve taken the platform by storm, engaging with fans in a whole new way and exhibiting their talents outside of the big screen.

Here’s a look at the interests and areas of expertise of the top 30 Nollywood stars on TikTok as of December 29, 2023:

**1. @official_funnybone (26.3M followers)**

Ogudehi Jude Ebunike, better known as Funnybone, is a comedian and actor who reigns supreme on TikTok. His hilarious skits, often featuring his catchphrase “Na who send you?” and witty takes on everyday situations, have garnered him a massive following.

**2. @realwarriboy (23.4M followers)**

Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Real Warri Boy, is a comedian and skit maker whose characters and parodies leave audiences in stitches. Her infectious energy and relatable humor have made her a TikTok favorite.

**3. @officialdonjazzy (22.3M followers)**

Don Jazzy, the music mogul and producer extraordinaire, shows off his fun side on TikTok. He joins dance trends, collaborates with other creators, and even shares sneak peeks into the music industry, making him a must-follow for music lovers and beyond.

Top 30 Most Followed Nollywood Figures On Tiktok

**4. @iamnino (21.2M followers)**

Bimbo Akintola, a seasoned actress and filmmaker, embraces TikTok’s diverse content with grace. From lip-syncing challenges to behind-the-scenes glimpses of her projects, she offers a window into her multifaceted life.

**5. @falzthebahdguy (20.7M followers)**

Folarin Falana, aka Falz the Bahd Guy, brings his musical talent and comedic genius to TikTok. He creates catchy rhymes, hilarious skits, and even shares snippets of his hit songs, keeping fans entertained and engaged.

**6. @brodashaggi (20.3M followers)**

Samuel Perry, known as Broda Shaggi, is a comedian and actor who takes laughter to the next level on TikTok. His outlandish characters, witty one-liners, and infectious energy make him a viral sensation.

**7. @acupofomolade (20.2M followers)**

Omolara Ayodeji, aka Omo Ibadan, is a comedian and content creator who brings the spice of Nigerian life to TikTok. Her relatable skits, hilarious commentary, and vibrant personality have secured her a loyal following.

**8. @officialgossipmilltv (19.7M followers)**

Gossipmill TV is a platform for all things entertainment, particularly Nollywood. They keep fans updated on the latest movie releases, celebrity gossip, and behind-the-scenes scoops, making them the go-to source for Nollywood news on TikTok.

**9. @bimboademola (19.4M followers)**

Bimbo Ademola, an actress and producer, showcases her versatility on TikTok. She participates in dance trends, shares comedic skits, and even offers glimpses into her personal life, connecting with fans on a deeper level.

**10. @chizzyofficial (19.3M followers)**

Chuzzy Eze, a comedian and actor, is known for his hilarious impressions and witty skits. He takes on various characters, from celebrities to everyday people, leaving audiences in fits of laughter.

**11. @tachaofficial (19.2M followers)**

Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha, is a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and influencer. Her TikTok presence is a vibrant mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She also shares motivational messages and snippets of her business ventures, inspiring her followers.

**12. @iamsofiatogbanje (18.9M followers)**

Sophia Chisom Okunnu, aka Sofia the Poet, is a spoken word artist and actress who uses TikTok to share her powerful and thought-provoking poetry. Her verses tackle social issues, love, and personal growth, resonating deeply with her audience.

**13. @officialwyzekidayo (18.8M followers)**

Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, is a Grammy-award-winning musician who brings his musical magic to TikTok. He shares snippets of his hit songs, behind-the-scenes studio moments, and even joins dance trends, showcasing his playful side.

**14. @funkejeniakindele (18.7M followers)**

Funke Akindele Bello is a versatile actress, producer, and director who takes on diverse roles on and off TikTok. She shares comedic skits, dance challenges, and even motivational messages, proving her talent extends far beyond the big screen.

**15. @realjerryeze (18.6M followers)**

Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Jerry Eze, is a spiritual leader and televangelist whose TikTok presence is surprisingly entertaining. He shares snippets of his sermons, funny moments from his daily life, and even joins in on popular trends, offering a unique blend of humor and faith.

**16. @thenengs (18.5M followers)**

The Nengs, a couple made up of Adebayo Oke-Lawal and Abisola Olowofoyeku, are reality TV stars and influencers who have taken TikTok by storm. Their hilarious skits, challenges, and glimpses into their relationship have won them a massive following.

**17. @adeleke_official (18.4M followers)**

Davido Adeleke, better known as Davido, is a music superstar who brings his infectious energy and chart-topping tunes to TikTok. He shares dance challenges, behind-the-scenes concert footage, and even playful moments with his family, keeping fans engaged and entertained.

**18. @official_mercyeke (18.3M followers)**

Mercy Eke, a reality TV star and entrepreneur, is the epitome of glamour and girl power on TikTok. She showcases her stunning fashion sense, shares luxurious travel vlogs, and even offers glimpses into her thriving businesses, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs.

**19. @ayefeleolade (18.2M followers)**

Yinka Ayefele, a gospel singer and philanthropist, uses TikTok to spread positivity and joy. He shares uplifting music videos, motivational messages, and even funny moments from his daily life, reminding everyone to find the good in every situation.

**20. @realmrhymezz (18.1M followers)**

Remy Martin, better known as Mr. Rhymezz, is a comedian and skit maker whose hilarious characters and witty observations have made him a TikTok sensation. He takes on various personas, from everyday people to outlandish figures, leaving audiences in stitches.

**21. @iamyvonneking (18M followers)**

Yvonne Jegede, an actress and producer, brings her elegance and humor to TikTok. She participates in dance trends, shares snippets of her acting projects, and even offers glimpses into her personal life, connecting with fans on a real level.

**22. @mrmacaroni1 (17.9M followers)**

Debo Adedayo, aka Mr. Macaroni, is a comedian and actor known for his flamboyant persona and catchy slang. His TikTok is a haven of laughter, filled with hilarious skits, funny collaborations, and his signature “Ooin!” catchphrase.

**23. @princesstontodike (17.8M followers)**

Princess Akide Umoh, aka Tonto Dikeh, is an actress, singer, and philanthropist who’s not afraid to be herself on TikTok. She shares motivational messages, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her projects, and even throws in some fun dance challenges, showcasing her multifaceted personality.

**24. @eniola_badmus (17.7M followers)**

Eniola Badmus, an actress and comedian, is the queen of body positivity and self-love on TikTok. She uses her platform to spread positivity, challenge beauty standards, and make people laugh with her hilarious skits and relatable content.

**25. @officialafeezoficial (17.6M followers)**

Afeez Owo, a comedian and actor, brings his infectious energy and witty humor to TikTok. His hilarious skits, often featuring his catchphrase “E choke!” and funny characters, have garnered him a loyal following.

**26. @official_bovi (17.5M followers)**

Bovi Ugboma, a comedian and actor, is a master of observational humor and witty one-liners. His TikTok is a goldmine of hilarious skits, funny takes on everyday situations, and even clever parodies of popular trends.

**27. @whitelion.co (17.4M followers)**

The White Lion Entertainment platform features a dynamic blend of dance challenges, comedy skits, and music videos from various Nollywood stars and creators. It’s a one-stop shop for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and discovering new talents.

**28. @iam_smade (17.3M followers)**

Samuel Adebowale, aka Smade, is a comedian and actor whose TikTok is a playground of creativity. He creates funny skits, lip-syncs to popular songs, and even dabbles in filmmaking, showcasing his diverse talents.

**29. @officialbukkala (17.2M followers)**

Bukola Awoyemi, an actress and filmmaker, uses TikTok to connect with fans on a personal level. She shares glimpses into her daily life, behind-the-scenes moments from her projects, and even participates in fun trends, offering a relatable and authentic experience.

**30. @lasisielonu (17.1M followers)**

Comedian and actress Lasisi Elenu is the master of impersonation and hilarious accents. His fantastic impersonation of celebrities, regular people, and even animals are showcased on his TikTok, leaving viewers in stitches.

Our investigation into the top 30 Nollywood celebrities who are most followed on TikTok is now complete. This list exemplifies the extraordinary talent and wide range of content that Nollywood actors provide to the platform, enthralling viewers around. Keep in mind that this is only a peek into the colorful and expansive world of Nollywood on TikTok. So, continue researching, find new artists, and be ready for some entertainment!

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