Top 15 best-selling mobile phones of all time

Initially, mobile phones were merely patents for wireless communications for different uses when they were first released in the middle of the 1990s. After more than a century of development, mobile phones are now considered an essential daily tool and accessory.

Ninety percent of the world’s population, or 7.1 billion people, used a mobile phone as of 2021. Despite certain concerns, mobile phones—which come in a variety of models and ranges—have been essential to the evolution of civilization.

As per the latest data released by, it holds the record for being the most sold smartphone ever. The website aggregated information from Yahoo Finance, Wikipedia, and Omdia, among other sources.

Top 15 best-selling mobile phones of all time

With over 250 million sold, the cherished Nokia 1100 is the phone that has sold the most units ever. The business stopped making the popular cell phone in 2009.

The Nokia 1110, which sold 248 million copies worldwide, was another version of the same type that brought success to the mobile phone manufacturers.

The iPhone 6, with around 222 million sales worldwide, came in third on the list of the top 15 selling mobile phones.

The smartphone was so popular that its maker, Apple, decided to relaunch it in China and India in 2017 to satisfy growing consumer demand.

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