Thrusting into a woman 19 times doesn’t qualify as good sex – sex coach

A sex coach on e.TV Ghana’s ‘IN BED WITH ADWEN’, Akosua Davies, has advised men to stop seeing sex as a wrestling match and reap the benefits of good sex.

Contributing to Adwen’s -host of the show- assertion that the lack of good sex is responsible for so many broken homes, Akosua Davies said ‘’usually, people assume penetration or inserting your penis into a woman’s vagina and thrusting nineteen times, hardening your waist and clinching your butt cheeks together like juicing an orange, is sex.’’

She said sex should be a mutually beneficial experience for both partners.

‘’Sex is when a man and woman decide to have fun. Both of you will have an orgasm or the woman will even squirt.’’

She also said some men will come back from work and demand their partners to undress and lie down, without making the effort to be nice and tactful.

‘’Sex is from the mind and it will payoff wonderfully if both of you create an environment of anticipation before the act,’’ she said.

She finally encouraged men to stop inserting their fingers into women’s vagina like they are hunting for crabs.

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