Three(3) reasons why nice guys never get the girl of their dreams

Three(3) reasons why nice guys never get

Good men fail to get the girls of their choice because the world has changed and the good is no longer treasured that much. As a result, a good number of them remain single for long.

There so many factors leading to this issue when nice guy find it difficult to get the real ladies they dream of .

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Here are the reasons as to why this happens.

1. Good becomes boring

Nice guys no longer meet the girls of their dreams because the good has turned out to be boring. One of the reasons why nice guys are termed us boring is the fact that they always play “safe” and this is what women of this generation are not interested in.

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2. Bad and good lose their meaning when it comes to dating

In the recent generation, bad and good translates to a different meaning. People prefer to be taken to good dates and no one wants to be taken to bad hotels. Hence, people tend to take the bad guys as people that know how to have fun and good guys and boring men. for that case, nice men end up remaining single.

3. Bad guys are mysterious

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With the bad guys, no one can know what they are thinking as they never share their plans and this is what attracts most women. However, with nice men, they are disliked because they are always like an open book.


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