Three thick bride maids doing the unthinkable at a wedding reception

Three thick ladies dress like bridesmaids have been captured giving free and crazy twerk to men at a gathering. One cannot tell whether the gathering is a wedding reception or a party, but these thick ladies were all wearing the same style of a pink dress with stunning makeup has caused people to react.

In recent times, the trend of body flaunting is at its peak on social media. People say the purpose of this trend is to flaunt beauty and how attractive an individual is. As well Posting hot pictures have been one key role in the trending colon as most Ghanaian models have taken on that category of feeding their followers with hot pictures in the name of getting trends as well as getting reactions and comments from fans. Social media gets exciting as every minute of the day comes to pass as it’s recorded in an engagement party where some ladies have been seen dancing and giving their backsides to the men.

Because of the thickness in their body, their twerking shake every part of their body including their melons. They were just shaking their huge backslides and breasts as if they are crazy. It appears twerking is now part of every joyous program in Ghana, Normal dancing at weddings, funerals, engagements, parties seem to be a thing of the past but recently these ladies have enjoyed themselves with the groomsmen in a wild manner.



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