Three Body Parts That Women Love In Men

Three Body Parts That Women Love In Men

In a man’s body there are specific parts that women like the most. This is to say that women are much more attracted to this parts of a man’s body.


Women mostly like men who are well built in terms of chest. That is to say that well developed chest. According to women’s view, a man who has a well developed chest, signifies that he is strong enough to protect her from other people who may want to harm her. That is why women first look at the appearance of chest.

2. Arms.

Women like men who have well developed muscles in their arms. This also signifies a lot in women. Women often think that by walking around with well developed man, they will get more attention and liked by other people. A believe that many women have created.


3. Legs.

Women also like soft men legs. This is the reason why you find some men walking in shorts. Women like looking at men’s legs. They also like well built legs with developed muscles.

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