Those in power have forgotten their responsibilities – Prince David Osei cries

In a post on X (previously Twitter), actor and activist Prince David Osei from Ghana bemoaned the situation and potential future of Ghana.

The actor emphasized the nation’s youth’s propensity for insults and disregard for morality in a post on October 16th. He observed that, particularly on social media platforms, insults have evolved into the go-to mode of expression for viewpoints.

“I am deeply concerned about the future of Ghana. It pains me to see how we have become a nation of insults, lacking respect for morals. The younger generation finds it acceptable to insult leaders openly on various platforms such as radio, television, and social media. It seems that insults have become the preferred method of expressing opinions,” he said.

He also criticized the actions of individuals in positions of authority, pointing out their failure to uphold their duties to serve the public. He emphasized the instances of leaders’ pride, avarice, and arrogance that have resulted in a lack of responsibility while the less fortunate members of society continue to suffer. He also voiced concern over the widespread sense of indifference among the public and the youth turning to extreme tactics for financial gain.

Those in power have forgotten their responsibilities – Prince David Osei laments

“Furthermore, those in positions of power appear to have forgotten the responsibility they have to serve the people. Greed, arrogance, and pride have clouded the judgment of our leaders, while the less fortunate continue to suffer without any accountability. The youth of our nation are becoming misguided and desperate, resorting to various means to make money,” he added.

He lamented the misuse and abuse of government properties, and the rising rate of corruption among the various institutions and bodies in the country, which he sees as a disturbing trend.

“Sadly, it seems that nobody cares anymore. Government properties are misused and abused simply because they belong to the state. This is a distressing situation to witness. The future of our beloved country appears uncertain, with corruption infiltrating every level of society, from the church to the government and beyond,” he posted.

In conclusion, the actor called for collective action to bring about positive change. He encouraged Ghanaians to change their mindset and their personal lives, emphasizing that Ghana belongs to all its citizens, not just a select few.

Prince David Osei, who was previously an advocate of the ruling government, has become critical of the government due to the rising economic hardships in Ghana. He has recently been known to call on the government to fix what he has termed as failures in its actions.

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