This is why beautiful ladies like to date weed smokers – Counsellor Charlotte Oduro gives reasons

Controversial marriage counselor, Charlotte Oduro has given detailed reasons why most beautiful ladies end updating weed smokers in society.

According to her weed smokers are very loyal and do not lie also are not hypocrites when they are dealing with people they love.

In an interview on HITZ FM, Counselor Charlotte Oduro further stated that weed or marijuana smokers are not hypocrites and love genuinely.

In the voice of the counselor under discussion, she grew up in a ‘Zongo’ where most of the people who were in her circles are weed smokers.

So, from her experience, these marijuana smokers are always honest, loyal, and having a clean heart perhaps the more reason why ladies especially the beautiful ones desire to date them for sanity and respect to prevail.


Joseph Asare, a freelance journalist, a blogger and loves the internet

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