Things that can destroy your relationship which are difficult to avoid

Things that can destroy your relationship which are difficult to avoid

Many relationships which would have led to marriage have been destroyed by these killer problems in relationships that are sometimes difficult to avoid which akosua Boatemaa I will take you through ;

Holding grudges

Forgiveness is important not only in a relationship, but in all parts of life. People make mistakes, and if you can’t let things go even after they apologize and plenty of time has gone by, you’re going to have a hard time ever being happy.


Taking everything personal

Sometimes things have nothing to do with you. If you insist on turning every trivial thing toba little fight into more than it needs to be, the stress of constantly walking on egg shells is eventually going to become overwhelming.


Dishonesty is one of the most dengarous killer of relationships. For love to be strong in a relationship, there must trust. Without honesty, there won’t be trust. Your partner can only trust you when you are honest to him/her. Dishonesty has done a lot to promising relationship and about to do more if care is not taken.

Disclosing your relationship to other friends

Many people fall victim of this. You shouldn’t tell what happen

in your relationship to the whole world in the name of seeking for advice or raising one’s shoulder because of one’s partner being the perfect one. The fact is that, not everyone is happy with your success. When you make the mistake and confides in wrong people, they will use the opportunity to mislead you out of your relationship. With poor advice and poor self maturity.

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If we can avoid all these in our relationships, there will be a reduction in break up.

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