Things Ladies Can’t Control; Men Take Note

Things Ladies Can’t Control; Men Take Note

Women are wonderful creatures that cannot be easily be understood by men based on what they portray . For men to understand women, they have to take time to carefully studied their reaction, behavior, attitude and found out things they cannot possibly control.

There are actually some certain things ladies cannot dare to control even most especially when it comes to relationship, some ladies might try so hard to make you know this things but certainly most women have it in common, it just depends on the way they show it or reveal it out that are different.

There are actually 3 certain things Ladies cannot control and I I’ll be listing them down here;

#1: Jealousy

One of the things Ladies find so hard to control is jealousy if you feel am wrong you can still argue that in the comment section, 99.9% of ladies by default are just designed to be jealous maybe because of the fragile heart they have I can’t really say, but have noticed not from One, to,three ladies are very open to be Jealousy.

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These mostly occurs when they see you with an opposite seks then they show it, and it becomes uncontrollable.
Take note guys, a woman can kill because of jealousy that is when it gets to the extreme.

#2: Tears

One of the things have also found out that ladies cannot control is tears, they would definitely cry when they ought to and most times not even minding if they are in public.
Ladies cry and I think that is one of the weapons they use in getting guys whenever they desire to get something, At least 75% of the ladies out there cry to show how they feel about something they are not comfortable with.

#3: Curiosity

Ladies cannot control curiosity, lets check what it really means to be curious

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* Inquisitive; tending to ask questions, investigate, or explore.

Ladies can question your life, good at investigating things when it comes to cheating you will find them investing their man Most times ladies show this curious character and they will always want to know the details of everything you would start hearing questions like why,when,where,How and so on.

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I believe I was able to touch some point about what ladies cannot control if yes, I would like you to appreciate this work by sharing with your loved ones and use the comment box so I can hear your opinion and other contributions.


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