There’s too much pain and suffering in Ghana – Duncan Williams

Concerning Ghana’s situation, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has voiced his concerns.

He claims that the general public’s suffering in this nation has reached a point where professionals find it unappealing.

Speaking to the clergy during a meeting with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, the Man of God said that Ghanaian professionals, particularly those in the health field, should not be leaving the country on a daily basis.

“The masses, there is too much pain and suffering in this country. All our Doctors and Nurses are leaving this country,” he said.

There’s too much pain and suffering in Ghana – Duncan Williams

He demanded justice and impartiality in the processing of matters in the 2024 election, signaling that the clergy would not stand by and let the nation’s population to flee to other nations.He used Bawku and other war-torn areas to support his argument that efforts should be made to ensure fairness so that it does not turn into something the nation cannot control.

This was in response to the misconception that Ghanaians are peaceful and cannot disturb the peace the country is enjoying.

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