There are no spiritual attacks on the entertainment industry – Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu, a Grammy-winning gospel musician and composer from Ghana, has offered his opinion on the ongoing discussion about spiritual assaults in the country’s entertainment sector.

Many artists, such Wendy Shay and Mr. Drew, have openly expressed spiritual difficulties they have had and have given advice to other artists to take their spiritual health into consideration. These appeals have been echoed by religious authorities, who stress the need of performers taking their spirituality seriously.

But Sonnie Badu claims that the sector isn’t as sinister or hazardous spiritually as others have suggested. But the issue is more a lack of cohesion inside the sector.

He emphasized that rather than competing, artists should band together, encourage one another, and work together.

There are no spiritual attacks on the entertainment industry – Sonnie Badu

He stated on Hitz FM on Thursday that, “The problem we have is not a spiritual attack; the problem is that we are not united. If we could put our gifts together, we wouldn’t be under attack because we would complement each other and not compete against each other.”

Sonnie Badu went on to say that one aspect of the issue is people’s propensity to undermine and sabotage others. He used the Nigerian music scene as an illustration of cooperation, where musicians support one another to further their careers.

“There is competition everywhere. If someone sees that another person is doing well, they’re not going to encourage that person; they’ll rather do something to pull them down. That’s the problem we have; we cannot rally around people to push them to keep going. That’s what the Nigerians do; they can sit and say “Today, let’s push this one”, and that’s the agenda. So we are not under attack; we just need to work together.” he insisted.

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