The Seven(7) words that every woman dies to hear

The Seven(7) words that every woman dies to hear

Communication without expressing of one’s feeling ,sharing of ideas together with one’s partner maybe needless if one failed to understand the other .

Women are attracted by the words spoken out to them by men.


Although we may differ in things that makes us happy and words that gives us encouragement, there are indeed words that any woman on Earth would love to hear from you.


1. You Are The Only Person For Me

This word would make your spouse , friends feel happiness and being loved by you. It makes them feel special to you and it shows your devotion to them ,and of course the most crucial , it shows portrays your genuine love.


2. Your Work Is So Important

Women feel proud and more confident when their partners encourage and motivate them to work harder. They want to feel important, they want their work and achievement to be known about and valued mostly by the person they cherish most which is you. Do not wait for a special event of party to encourage them and shower them with gifts.


3. I Feel Like I Can Tell You Everything

A relationship which is not secured will probably eventually crumble. Women tend to like their spouse more when they talk to them openly about their secrets and problem.

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4. Tell Me About Your Day

Women admire and cherish men who listen to them and talk about everything: Their work, an argument with friend, their bad day..Be your woman’s first gossip..She feels lucky because she has someone to share her joys and sorrows with.

5.Spend More Time With Her

The more time you two spend together, the more and the better you cherish and get to understand yourselves.This will help strengthen the love bond between both of you.

6.May I Have Your Point Of View On The Question

Letting your spouse know that you really want to her help and value her opinion is a very great idea.

7.You Are So Sexy

Just as women always compliment their partners when they are well-dressed, they also love hearing that you see them sexy.Be romantic with your partner, play with them, send love text even when you aren’t afar just for the fun of it, carry her like a little baby, buy her gifts when you can afford ,tickle her and find things to make her happy. This thing might seem small but can make a difference in a happy relationship and bad ones.

Relationship especially marriage is a lifetime commitment, there’ll be good and bad days, there’ll be hindrance and impediments.Always picture your relationship with your spouse as a lifetime commitment.Don’t expect a perfect marriage beacuse there is no such thing as a “perfect marriage” or relationship in life. There’ll be fights and squabbles.Don’t because of quarrels and situations give up on your spouse.But if you can work hard together with your spouse to make good of all the ” bad times” in your relationship, then you’ll surely have a more lasting and happy relationship.

Never compare your spouse or relationship or marriage to others , they are different and nobody is perfect.They have their strong and weak points.Don’t blame them because of their weak points , rather mention their stronger parts and work closely to improve them on their weak points.

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