The number of prank calls increases when students are on vacation- GNFS

When students are on holiday, prank calls to the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFStwo )’s main call centers increase, according to the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS).

When schools reopen, the rate will reduce, according to the GNFS.

Timothy Osafo-Affum, the Director of Public Affairs at the GNFS, noted that “prank calls are seasonal” in an interview with 3FM’s Sunrise presented by Alfred Ocansey on Thursday.

He claimed that on a daily basis, the two centers in Accra and Kumasi receive between 22,000 and 24,000 hoax calls.

“Prank calls to our centers are only made during certain times of the year. When pupils are on vacation, it increases, but when they return to school, it decreases.”

ACFO I Osafo-Affum chastised parents for the widespread hoax calls, which he says is obstructing the services’ job.


“Because they [students and pupils] are being taught by us, the parents.” They’re picking up on what we’re doing.”


“They are wasting resources,” said ACFO I Osafo-Affum.


“They are preventing those who require services from receiving them.”

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