Stop Shedding fake tears – counsellor Lutterodt tell Ghanaians

Counselor George Lutterodt has asked Ghanaians to stop shedding fake tears as sign of sympathy to Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s after he demise.

Educating Ghanaians on appropriate time to show sympathy, respect or express gratitude towards someone’s reputation, he said “the time is when they are alive’’

Speaking on an Accra based radio station, Counsellor Lutterodt hinted that for Ghanaians are always known to cry when someone passes on but do not try to do their best when the person is alive.

“If you want the whole world to know the dignity of Bishop Nyarko, why don’t you praise him when he was alive” he quizzed.

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Adding that no Ghanaian even applauded him when he quitted from movie industry and fully-dedicated himself to God’s ministry.

Advising Ghanaians, Counsellor Lutterodt stated stated that one needs to show love, respect and help families, friends and others when they are in need and alive because doing that is more important than spending much on their funerals or posting pictures and videos on social media platforms after their death.


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