Stonebwoy cut tides with Ayisha Modi


A quick search through the followers on Stonebwoy’s Instagram account, @stonebowy and you realise it has no user as @shelovesstonebwoy and vice versa for Ayisha Modi.

Speculations in the grapevine suggest that Stonebwoy had enough of Ayisha’s antics and decided to finally cut her off.


Ayisha Modi, the self-acclaimed PR of the award winning singer, has been causing more harm than good to Stonebwoy and most people wanted him out of the BHIM camp.

In her quest to protect the brand of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi does the unthinkable Including attacking potential investors and critics of the artiste if they fault.


The alleged music investor and die-hard fan of the dancehall artiste claims she has been by the side of Stonebwoy since he was an upcoming singer– reason why she has a strong bond with him.

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She has been quoted in several reports that she has been through thick and thin with Stonebwoy and contributed massively to the development of the artistes’ current status.

Some rumors even claim that Ayisha has a strong influence on the decisions Stonebwoy makes due to the aforementioned reason.

On social media, Ayisha is Stonebwoy’s Knight in shining armour. She fights anyone who dares touch Stonebwoy in an ungodly manner.

As it stands there are no concrete reasons why the two inseparable personalities unfollowed each other but we can bet that Stonebwoy had reached his limits in condoning the behavior of Ayisha Modi.

Some netizens have concluded that Stonebwoy did the needful to avoid further damage his self employed PR Ayisha is causing to his brand.





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