Stone and k!ll Gays & Lesbians in your communities – NDC big man urges youth

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Francis Dodovi has suggested that the Anti LGBTQI+ bill is not needed.

According to him, what Ghana needs at the moment is to grant the citizens of the country the permission to stone any LGBTQI+ persons to death when they are caught.

“This bill for me is not necessary. What the country needs at the moment is to give citizens the permission to stone people involved in homosexuality to death when they are caught,” he said on Accra-based Kessben FM.


When his attention was drawn to the fact that he was promoting violence against persons involved in the act he said “those leading the bill are worrying themselves, Yaw please don’t be here and support this foolishness, don’t be saying the laws give them rights because it doesn’t.

In the Arab world, there is Sharia Law when you are caught stealing your hand is cut off. I still maintain that when they are caught they should be stoned to death. What they are engaged in is sacrilegious and should not be entertained. Even when homosexuality hasn’t been legalized the country is in a confused state…”


He argued that the supposed experts who are leading a crusade against anti LGBTQI+ bill are acting like they were not brought up well by their parents because if they were, they will not be in support of such sacrilege.

Akoto Ampaw with his age leading such a crusade is worrying. He acts like he was not brought up in a family.”

Conversations on LGBTQI+ have dominated discussions in Ghana for the past week after fifteen experts in various fields presented a memo to Parliament’s Legal and Constitutional Committee on why they think the anti LGBTQI+ bill should be dismissed.

They have, however, been counted by the Christian Community that believes the bill needs to be passed to criminalize LGBTQI+ and its related activities in the country.

Some leading chiefs have also condemned the act and thrown their weight behind the bill before parliament and have urged Parliamentarians to pass the bill into law.


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