Steve Hanke tags Akufo-Addo as a masterclass in economic incompetence

Akufo-Addo’s economic management of Ghana has been criticized by Professor Steve Hanke, an economist and professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

In a string of tweets, he called the president a “masterclass in economic incompetence” and offered his support for the recent #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest led by the advocacy group Democracy Hub and concerned people.

In one of his tweets, Hanke stated, “Ghanaians took to the streets against Pres. Akufo-Addo’s CORRUPT & INCOMPETENT gov’t, as the money supply explodes and Ghana remains in an inflationary doom loop.”

In another tweet, he reinforced his position, saying, “The #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests in Ghana are rolling right along. Ghanaians have completely blocked off the 37 Roundabout, also known as the Akuafo Intersection, in Accra. PRESIDENT AKUFO-ADDO = A MASTERCLASS IN ECONOMIC INCOMPETENCE.”

Steve Hanke tags Akufo-Addo as a masterclass in economic incompetence

On the final day of the three-day #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstrations, protestors made a nighttime effort to break past a police cordon and march to the White House.

This is in spite of the wrongful detentions and sleazy police behavior that marred Day 1 when police held 49 demonstrators for hours on suspicion of unlawful assembly.

They were all eventually granted bail releases.

Day 2 and Day 3 went by without a serious incident due to police barricading Jubilee House, the primary route leading to the president, even before the demonstrators started marching there.

The 37-Accra route was partially blocked on Day 2 while both sides were blocked on Day 3, severely restricting vehicle traffic for the most of the day.

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