Stay Away From Broke Ladies – Shatana Advises Men

Off late, majority of contemporary ladies want to fall in love with guys whose pocked are dapper. To these ladies, guys since creation are tasked to take care of ladies and should not be the other way round.

But someway somehow, budding musician, Shatana, born, Ranaya Pappoe has strongly advised men to desist from tying the knot with women who are not financially sound.

According to Shatana in an interview with Katanka television, “marrying a lady who is not financially sound is just like importing all the burdens of this world into your house, it’s about time Ghanaian women start backing their men financially”.

The sister of the late Terry Bonchaka bemoaned that, “God has blessed women with a sharp memory and the ability to handle multiple task yet most women wouldn’t put their brains to use but rather pester men with mobile money calls for a living, which is nothing but a disgrace to womanhood”.

She also admonished high profile persons in the Ghanaian society to start urging their female members/ followers to venture into businesses and also encouraged men to work hard and marry the hardworking women with financial stability.


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