Sources of Cecilia Dapaah’s monies explained – Report

The Chronicle published a story on November 13, 2023, outlining the financial sources of Cecilia Dapaah, the former minister of sanitation and water resources.

These sources include money from a deceased brother’s estate, contributions to family funerals, and money from an extended family member for a building project, according to the research.

Out of the entire sum pilfered, GH¢300,000 was determined to be a family donation for Cecilia Dapaah’s mother’s burial.

During a session on Friday, November 10, 2023, Justice Marie-Louisa Simmons, the sitting judge of the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court, received these details from the Assistant State Prosecutor (ASP), Akosua Agyapongmaa Agyeman.

ASP Akosua informed the court that the assets of Cecilia Dapaah and her husband Daniel Osei Kuffour, respectively, amounted to GH¢50,000 and €300,000.

Sources of Cecilia Dapaah’s monies explained – Report

Five outfits priced at $2,500, five pieces of kente valued at GH¢75,000, jewelry valued at $95,000, female kente, Hollandaise and GTP fabric totaling GH¢56,000, dresses valued at GH¢20,000, purses valued at $35,000, and fragrances valued at $1,400 are among the allegedly stolen goods on the list.

Furthermore, it was stated that Patience Botwe, the 18-year-old maid implicated in the case, reportedly utilized GH¢6 million of the embezzled monies to support her opulent lifestyle.


The move is aimed at examining their assets and financial transactions within the United States of America.

In a tweet posted on October 11, the OSP said, “This collaborative effort is to ascertain the lawfulness of Ms. Dapaah and her associates’ wealth, both in the context of their funds transitioning from Ghana to the United States and vice versa.”
Cecilia Dapaah was on October 10, 2023 charged by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) for her failure to comply with a directive requiring her to declare her assets and financial holdings.

In August, the OSP had launched an investigation into Cecilia Dapaah after a significant amount of both foreign and local currency was discovered at her residence during a search, along with additional funds found in her bank accounts.

The OSP alleges that Cecilia Dapaah, who is currently under investigation for corruption-related offenses and other matters, had refused to provide the required documentation for the declaration of her assets and income since July 24, 2023.

Consequently, the former minister has been charged with a single count of failing to adhere to a lawful demand made by an authorized officer of the Office of the Special Prosecutor in the execution of their duties, which is in violation of section 69(1)(a) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959).

The OSP has been investigating the former minister of Sanitation, Cecilia Dapaah after an alleged sum of $1 million dollars and 300,000 euros were stolen from her Abelempke residence by her two house helps.

So far, the state has charged some 8 persons who are facing criminal charges for the alleged theft case.

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