Somebody tried to poison me – Ajagurajah

Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, the founder of the Ajagurajah Movement, has disclosed that an effort was made to poison him.

However, he stated that the assailant failed due to God’s grace in his life.

Ajagurajah claimed that the person who attempted to poison him was quite near, which made him cautious about what he ate and drank.

“Someone tried to poison me. The person was in my circle… Because of that encounter, I’ve been drinking water from a glass container so that no one can inject anything into it,” he explained during a TikTok live session.

He also stated that, poisoning is not done solely through food, as the public believes, but that people use other means to reach their goal of harming others.

Somebody tried to poison me – Ajagurajah

He cited how some women use their breasts to poison men during intercourse as an example.

“I’ve stated that poisoning no longer occurs through food or drink. There are numerous approaches one can take. Some women even use the poison on the tips of their breasts.

“So I admonished the people in the Ajagurajah Movement to stop sucking women’s breasts. I warned the public to be cautious with poisoning some years ago but I was chastised and taken for granted,” he added.

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