Side Chick Wahala: Osei Kwame Despite’s UTV threatened

Deborah Seyram Adablah has threatened the media in an attempt to respond to the outcome of her case against Mr. Kwesi Nimako, her sugar daddy.
A High Court decision that highlighted the immorality of Adablah’s relationship with her “sugar daddy,” the former Chief Financial Officer of a bank, was previously made public. However, the verdict said that Seyram Adablah’s petition lacked a valid cause of action.
The court ordered Seyram to pay GH¢10,000 and dismissed out his writ, stating that it would not support a relationship based on immorality.

Side Chick Wahala: Osei Kwame Despite’s UTV threatened

Despite Media’s UTV reporting drew Seyram’s attention despite the fact that this was covered by several media outlets.

Since then, Seyram has been furiously raving on social media, threatening to strike the media company and make demands they are unable to meet.

She expressed disapproval of her images being used and added that no permission had been obtained.

“Hey UTV managers or whatever you are called, be very careful of how you use my name and pictures for your lies. If you joke with me, I’ll sue you and demand more than you can afford. Don’t be silly. Stop publishing lies about me, I did not give you permission to use my name and pictures for clout,” she wrote on TikTok.

Meanwhile, Seyram has refrained from granting interviews to the media after the court ruling, but rather stormed social media, TikTok, expressing her determination to continue the legal battle.

“My lawyer will apply for the ruling and apply the LAW accordingly – The case is NOT OVER!”

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