Sh0cking: Man K!lls friend for sleeping with his fiancée in his dream

A 45-year-old man, Kwadwo Adusei has taken the life of his friend over a dream he had.
Palm wine tapper Kwadwo Adusei killed his friend, 48-years-old Akwesi Banahene for sleeping with his fiancé is his dream.

After dreaming that his friend is sleeping with his fiancé, he lured him to the farm at Wawase in Afiagya Kwabre South where he stabbed him to death.

Kwadwo Adusei has 7 children with 7 different mothers.

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As the town folks where mourning the death of Akwesi Banahene without knowing his killer, Kwadwo Adusei stormed the house of his grandfather, Kwabena Nkrumah to kill him.

He accused the grandfather of killing his manh00d and giving the prowess to another man, 78-year-old Teacher Kwame Kwarkye.

After killing his grandfather, he proceeded to kill Teacher Kwame Kwarkye before he got arrested by the town folks.


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