Sekual Attraction And Marriage Are Two Different Games

attraction and marriage are two different ball games. Let me explain

One beautiful young girl didn’t “dodge a bullet” just because her boyfriend is marrying someone else. Sometimes she’s really taking that L. Believe it or not, their are women you date and there are women you marry. A guy can put up with your bad attitude for sex, he won’t dare marry you.

This are things men discuss in private. My guy can you date her? Yes, oboy see that (insert sexual part of your choice here) But you fit marry her? God forbid?

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1 Sekual attraction and marriage are two different ball games.
Sekual attraction and marriage are two different ball games.
At least for any guy that has an atom of brain in his head.

Seksual Attraction
Guys have sekual fantasies of girls they’ll play dumb and wheel around for the s*x if the chance presents itself. Girls who would not make their list if the subject is suitable life partners. So yes sometimes, men play you for fools for the s*x.

Men lower their standards to bust nuts since the days of Adam but never for a lifelong partner.

Is it childish? Yes Does it happen? Yes Is it heartbreaking for the women involved? Most likely Was it right for the guys to do that? That’s not the point.

  1. The point is if a guy thinks all they’ll get from you is s*x, then they actually get you and you don’t offer anything else, he’s spent a lot of time and resources chasing and chances are he’ll want to recoup his investment.

So he’ll act like you’re the love of his life while he’s searching for the love of his life. Women are not left out of this game though their own motivations are different.

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