SERWA BRONI’S ALLEGATIONS: Ghanaians request response from the National Security


Modesta Yuoni Addison, a Youth and Development Advocate took to social media to ask the Inspector General of Police and the National Security of Ghana what has been done so far   following Serwa Broni’s allegations. Serwaa Broni, born in Ghana but Canadian, has made wild claims about President Nana Akufo-Addo on social media.

In a Facebook live session on Monday, October 25, 2021, that has been circulating online, Serwaa Broni accused the president of causing her trauma. According to her Akufo-Addo used operatives of National Security to threaten her life after his attempts to have an affair with her failed.


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Can we the citizens of Ghana have answers to these questions please?
1. A state asset that is classified as a number one security zone (The presidential jet).
How can that asset be made available at the disposal of a concubine? To the extend that she can take photographs etc etc etc. Has anyone seen pictures like what it looks like in Airforce one in America? Atleast I have not seen and so my answer is NO, because it’s a no go zone. But the woman took pictures of the plane, the configuration etc etc. Anywhere else, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must be resigning for breach of high level security. These are some of the things that make presidents resign.
2. The lady is making a case that something happened(staged robbery), threats etc and she has even reported it to the Ghana Police Service at that time. Obviously, that matter is inconclusive. That matter bothers on an attempt to cause harm to an individual. Which are all serious offenses, especially when it’s committed by an individual at the detect of the president who has sworn to protect all the citizens of this land.
3. Why is the Parliament of Ghana silent on such an important issue? Why is the president not impeached looking at the range at which the president has failed Ghanaians by wasting the nation’s resources?
If the IGP George Akuffo Dampare is serious about all the magnificent things He’s doing and want to do, He should revisit the file and chase down the woman who reported the case and tell us the country where the investigations reached and if he’s going to reopen the investigation now that this matter has come into the public domain.
These are the issuance at hand. We the citizens of Ghana want answers. Thank you! God Bless our homeland Ghana.
Yuoni M Addison


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