See The Meaning Of Your Fingers When Rings Are On Them

It is on this premise that I say because we do not know the meaning of putting on rings on specific fingers, we don’t mind how this is interpreted and what it says about us.

Now, this article I am little about the meaning of each finger and what it means to have a ring or two rings on them.

2. An Index finger which is also known as the pointer finger is used to point towards a specific direction. Because of this pointing quality of the index finger, it signifies “LEADERSHIP”. A leader has a capacity to lead, to direct.

3. The middle finger signifies “INDIVIDUALITY”. It stands alone and thereby possesses a distinct quality. No wonder this finger can tell so much about an individual.

4. The Ring finger is by far the most popular finger as its name implies, it is known to be the recipient for wedding rings. This means “AFFECTION”. Of course, affection goes with weddings and marriage vows.

5. The Pinky finger or the little finger, also known as the fifth digit, or pinkie means “BONDING”. This is probably because, it is the closest between partners walking together who decide to reach for each other’s hands quietly. It helps to bond.

Now let’s look at what it means to have rings on these fingers;

the most popular of all fingers is the ring fingers which symbolises a married person. It is not enough to wear rings because you can afford them or because they are beautiful. You should know that Each finger brings with it a different meaning.

Now that we understand what each finger symbolizes, lets know where to wear each ring. These reasons to be stated might apply to some geographical areas and not in others but this seem to be the most widely accepted reasons.

1. PINKY FINGER; the pinky helps to reveal if one has been married before. Two rings on the pinky finger whether right or left signifies a man was once married before where the first ring was the wedding ring and the signet ring follows. This was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
A ring on the pinky finger signifies being a mafia in some cultures. Also, note that a ring on the pinky fingers by men mostly signifies family and status.

2. THE RING FINGER; the left ring finger signifies marriage, betrothal, and romance.

Marital status; a ring on the left ring finger in most cultures and countries means the individual is married.
This is believed to have started from the Roman custom. The ancient Roman culture believes blood flows directly from the left ring finger to the heart.

Although the left ring finger is reserved for this purpose in some countries like Germany, Russia, and China, the Right ring finger is used instead of the left for this function.

Other functions like a betrothal, romantic functions, and chastity also put rings on these fingers.

3. THE MIDDLE FINGERS: because of the central position of the middle finger, it depicts power. A ring on this finger announces responsibility and strength. the right middle finger is open to interpretation when it comes to wearing a ring. You can choose your own symbolism for a ring on this prominent finger.

4. THE INDEX FINGER: a ring on the index finger is sure to be announced and here is where most folks want to put their expensive rings. This might not significantly mean anything but class. The right index fingers however signifies marriage in some cultures. A ring in the right index means marriage in the Jewish culture.

5. THE THUMB FINGER: for women, wearing a ring on this finger may simply be for fashion purposes but Men choosing to wear rings on the thumb symbolize one of these two in most societies.

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