Sarkodie reveals how he met his wife Tracey Sarkcess

Many people have been impressed by Sarkodie and Tracy Owusu Addo’s love story because of the way they supported one another no matter what.

But the narrative is more complex than what is immediately apparent.

In a recent interview, Sarkodie recalled how Tracy told him of their inevitable reunion when he returned to Ghana after spending many years living in Germany.

When Sarkodie initially met Tracy, he claimed that their romance was short-lived since she relocated to live in Germany.

Sarkodie reveals how he met his wife Tracey Sarkcess

After some time, he learned that Tracy had returned to Ghana while he was in the recording studio.
Sarkodie claimed that at the time, he was going through a terrible breakup and had turned his energies back into music.

He was therefore ecstatic to learn that Tracy had come back. He hurried over to see her. He did not like what he saw and what he was told, though, when he arrived.

Sarkodie complained that Tracy was being approached inappropriately by males and that Tracy’s remark that he “looked so adult” bothered him.

“I got really mad when she said to me that I was grown. I was mad. She came to apologize and that led to what you see today,” Sarkodie said.

However, Sarkodie when asked why he married Tracy said “The reason I knew it was her is that I have no reason. I have my spec and every man has that, but with her, I have no reason.“

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