Samini Slams Wendy Shay for disrespecting him


Ruff Town Records signee Wendy Shay has named her top best muscians on social media as she omits Samini’s name from her list.

The songstress on Twitter wrote:

“The 4s





Though in the Ghana music industry, Samini is considered as one of the consistent musicians who put in much effort in their songs so it comes out with a meaningful message.

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The ‘bedroom commando’ hit maker replaced samini’s name with that of hers.

Samini who seemed not to be happy with Wendy Shay’s act took to the same social media platform as he talks the power in letter ‘S’, as he believes Wendy Shay’s initials is ‘WS’ and for that matter forcing herself to be in the ‘S’ category of top musicians.

He tweeted; “There must be Power in the letter “S”. You need a suit with it written on your chest lol. You want to make the list so bad “WS”? “S” for star ,S for spirituality ,S for seriousness ,S for simplicity ,S for solar .. make I continue?The name must start with “S” if anything”




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