Sachet Water Producers Association Set To Increase Prices Of Product

The Sachet Water Producers Association of Ghana is preparing to raise product pricing in the Northern Region due to rising production costs.

The Association, which has already begun a strike to express its dissatisfaction, expects to have the new rates in place by November 4, 2021, in order to assist manufacturers in meeting their production costs and improving service quality.

Mr Nuhu Sualisu, the Northern Regional Chairman of the Association, told the Ghana News Agency in Tamale that the high cost of production forced the Association to raise the prices of their goods.


“The exorbitant cost of materials required to produce sachet water is putting our members out of business,” he said, “thus the necessity for the increase to meet the cost of manufacturing and properly service our clientele.”

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He revealed that the Association was currently on strike to express their dissatisfaction with their inability to continue producing sachet water in order to meet public demand.

Mr Sualisu stated that a bag of sachet water, which previously cost GhC3.00, would now cost GhC3.50.

Mr Thaddeus Kofi Abeka Yarney, a sachet water producer in Tamale, said the increase was essential since the high cost of production materials had forced many out of business, causing tremendous misery to families and their dependents.

Mrs Alhassan Sumaya, a sachet water vendor, said the producers’ current strike would have an impact on her company, which was her only source of income.

“We need to reach an arrangement with the producers so that their actions do not harm us all,” she stated.




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