Date Rush: Ruth embarrasses herself as she falls on stage after throwing insults at a male participant – Video

Ruth a female participant of the popular television show aired on TV3 hilariously fell on stage as she threw insults at a male participant for being unfaithful to his date.

A confusing incident happened on the evening of June 20, 2021, as Date Rush Ruth fell down on stage during the Date Rush reunion.

If you missed date rush season 5 reunion, you have missed a whole lot. The drama, anger, disappointments and heartbreaks all come together to make the show very interesting.

The first episode of the reunion edition of TV3’s Date Rush show started off last night in a rather dramatic way.

As some of the old faces who came onto the show to find love took turns to have their say about how the respective dates they chose have either worked out or ended in tears, a lot of revelations were made.

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Amidst the revelations, Ruth decided to come back on stage to show evidence of how one of the guys on the show was trying to get into her [email protected] even though he already had a date from the show.

Sadly, after storming the stage to show the chats between the guy and herself to Giovani Caleb during the live broadcast, she fell down heavily while she made her down the stage.

Before her fall, Ruth angrily attacked the guy in question and described him as very f00lish for trying to play smart with her.

Watch the video below…

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