Roman Fathers and Sisters to serve as 2024 election monitors

The Conference of Major Superiors Religious-Ghana (CMSR-GH) is headed by the Very Reverend Paul Saa-Dade Ennin SMA, and he claims the Conference will work with the Electoral Commission (EC) to have its members act as election observers in 2024.

“This is part of our 2024 elections plan. Apart from praying as reverends and sisters, we want to do something concrete as well. We are training our members so that during the elections, we can have accreditations to deploy them.”

“We have members in every part of this country. We believe when our members are involved, we will be able to obtain firsthand information on the happenings in the election process to notify the stakeholders accordingly,” he said.

Roman Fathers and Sisters to serve as 2024 election monitors

On March 11–15, 2014, at the Arnold Jassen Spirituality Centre at Bortianor Hills, Accra, Rev. Ennin made this statement at the conclusion of a five-day preliminary biannual CMSR-GH meeting.

The Ghanaian Catholic Church’s hierarchy, including reverend fathers, brothers, and sisters, is unified under the CMSR-GH.

Rev. Ennin called on all parties involved in the elections—political parties, security services, media, Peace Council, and Electoral Commission in particular—to exert every effort to avert any acts or omissions that can incite violence.

The Reverend also advised members of the public not to allow themselves to be used as conduit for violence by politicians before, during and after the elections.

“To the citizens and to voters, any person or group of persons that is prepared to kill in the pursuit of power can neither be trusted nor be entrusted with power.

“No one must lose his or her life in the exercise of his or her constitutional right to vote to determine who governs him or her,” he added.

Rev. Ennin condemned the act of vote buying in elections, saying, persons who received money or goodies to vote were selling their integrity to those who offered them those favours.

In addition, he announced that a number of campaigns to oppose the nation’s unlawful land sales and mining will be launched.



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