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Resist The Truth And You Are More or Less Compared To a Witch Badu Kobi Fires Back at Asante Women Again


Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi seem to still stand by a statement he made concerning the evil nature of Asante women just some few days ago.

The man of God still seems to be unperturbed about the situation after he came under social criticism for tagging women from the Asante region as evil, witches who try to milk their husbands when they marry. The statement was treated with serious contempt by the market women in Kumasi summoning him to the Manyhia Palace.

As if that was not enough, Prophet Badu Kobi in a recent interview with Agymang prempreh of Power FM, claimed that, he will never apologize for speaking the truth.

“People will always hate the truth.You’re a witch if you resist the truth. I stand by my words and i will repeat it every where i go that Asante women are evil and wicked. If you don’t take care they will milk all your hard earned resources into their family”. He said amidst calls from the public demanding an apology from him.

Source : Ghanaown.com


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