Reggie Rockstone reveals he keeps changing his workers almost every month

Reggie Rockstone revealed in a recent interview that he has had to fire employees who stole from him.

He went on to emphasize that a large number of his present staff members not only steal but also have a bad work ethic, which is why he frequently employs new workers. This revelation was revealed by Reggie on Cape Coast-based Property FM.

Hiplife patriarch Reggie Rockstone is adamant that Waakye is Ghana’s best meal—even better than the famed jollof rice.

With this conviction, he advocates for Ghana to embrace and promote this beloved delicacy as a symbol of our nation rather than engaging in the ongoing rivalry with Nigeria over who prepares the best jollof rice.

Reggie Rockstone explains why he packages waakye in glass jars for sale
Reggie Rockstone reveals he keeps changing his workers almost every month

The rapper, singer, and dancer emphasize the unique flavors and characteristics of Waakye and say it’s time to celebrate and promote it worldwide. Reggie Rockstone conveyed his disgust over the disdain for waakye, a cuisine that has deep cultural roots in Ghana.

“Jollof doesn’t belong to us; it comes from Senegal. Our own food, Waakye, has been neglected, and we’re rather fighting others for what belongs to someone else.”

Reggie Rockstone further highlighted the distinct qualities of waakye, drawing attention to its rich flavour, unique preparation methods, and cultural significance. “When you look at waakye’s features and special effects that surround it and you compare it to Jollof, you’ll realise Jollof is nowhere near Waakye,” he asserted.

The musician called on Ghanaians to unite in championing Waakye and showcasing it as a symbol of Ghana’s culinary excellence. “Instead of arguing with Nigeria over Jollof, let’s prioritise Waakye, which comes from Ghana in high esteem.”

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