Reasons why we want to tax bloggers, brand influencers, MCs, others – GRA justifies decision

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has justified its choice to tax MCs, bloggers, and other influencers of brands.

Ghana is one of the nations where the taxes of revenue made in the digital world has come up for consideration.

While taxing traditional forms of income isn’t too difficult, there are special issues with digital revenue.

Numerous worries have been raised by the GRA’s intention to contemplate taxing bloggers and other businesses.

The Commissioner in charge of the GRA’s domestic tax revenue division, Edward Gyambra, stressed in a Citi News interview that the growth of the tax base does not imply the imposition of new taxes.

Reasons why we want to tax bloggers, brand influencers, MCs, others – GRA justifies decision

Instead, he asserted, it is seen as fair for companies that generate revenue to give their fair part to the public coffers.

He clarified that whether a firm is online or offline, the GRA merely widens the tax base to encompass all entities.

“Some people doing business online is something that is on the blog globally and if you remember last year, we also launched our e-commerce taxation and as part of getting online people to pay taxes all these players will be brought to book to ensure that they also pay their bit of taxes to the country.”

“We are expanding the tax net, and it doesn’t mean we are introducing a new tax. If you are generating income from any business, that income is taxable and so if you sit behind your computer and create content and generate income from that, we will tax that income,” he added.

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