PURC increases electricity tariff by 4.22%

The typical end-user would be impacted by a 4.22 percent rise in energy rates that was enacted by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for all non-lifeline residential customers.

This choice was made following a review that the PURC conducted for the third quarter of 2023. The main goal of the tariff adjustment, according to the PURC, is to guarantee that the true cost of delivering utility services is maintained.

For lifeline users, industrial customers, and non-residential companies including barbershops, chop bars, tailoring and dress-making shops, cold stores, and other small- to medium-sized enterprises, the new tariff structure retains the current prices.

PURC increases electricity tariff by 4.22%

As a result, these consumer groups won’t see any increases or decreases in their power rates.

The lifeline consumers will also profit from a freeze on tariff revisions for water rates, with no rise or change (0%) in their costs. However, the PURC has authorized a 1.18 percent rise in prices for all other categories of water customers.

The Quarterly Tariff Review Mechanism aims to monitor and take into account changes to important variables that are used to calculate natural gas and electricity pricing.

“The PURC is continually grateful to all stakeholders for their support as it continues to implement quarterly tariff reviews in accordance with its Rate Setting Guidelines for Quarterly Review of Natural Gas, Electricity, and Water Tariffs. The Commission wishes to assure its stakeholders that it will continue to monitor the operations of the service providers to ensure quality delivery of service while balancing the interests of Consumers and Utility Service Providers,” PURC’s statement added.

The second quarter tariff was increased by 18.36 percent.

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