Prophet Nigel Gaisie should have been arrested following his dea.th prophecy about Ebony – Bullet

Talent manager Bullet has stated his resentment toward spiritual authorities who have made it their mission to prophesy doom for his musicians, sowing fear and panic and gaining notoriety at the expense of him and his artists.

“I’m going to have them all arrested,” Bullet told Sammy Flex on CTV’s Class Showbiz, Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The head of Rufftown Records claims that a lady recently made some dire predictions regarding the future of Afropop artist Wendy Shay, leading him to denounce her to the police. He said that she had now pleaded for mercy.

Bullet shared his opinion that these religious figures who sell doomsday predictions also plot to see their prophesies come true.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie should have been arrested following his dea.th prophecy about Ebony – Bullet

“So I am taking them to the police so that if something untoward happens, they will be questioned and held responsible,” he added.

He emphasized that he had reported this situation to the police on several occasions.

In addition, he said that Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, “should have been arrested following his prophecy about Ebony and her subsequent death.”

According to Bullet, it was this occurrence that made Gaisie well-known.

After Ebony’s passing, he denounced other prophets who “went on media tours” and made accusations against him.

Born Ricky The singer-songwriter and half of the popular Hiplife duo Ruff & Smooth, Nana Agyemang, said that he would encounter prophets who made dire predictions regarding his present performance. Wendy Shay was detained particularly so that she could sign a bond requiring them to give explanations in the event that the target of their predictions suffered any harm.

The incessant doom pronouncements “is causing panic,” Bullet bemoaned, adding that: “There is a law that [addresses] such things.” He emphasised that “this time around, I will not sit aloof and be accused of evil by any Tom, Dick and Harry”.

He asked if it is even something “good” and “worth celebrating if you’re a pastor and you prophesy someone’s death and it happens”.

Bullet asserted that pastors who revel in doom prophecies and their tragic fulfilment “should be ashamed of themselves”.

He stressed he will not lower his guard this time around and be taken advantage of, unlike when “so many pastors alleged that I killed Ebony”.

“I will have them come to the police station to write their statement and take responsibility for whatever bad thing happens to Wendy Shay,” he reiterated.

Wendy Shay, an artiste signed to Bullet’s Rufftown Records, on Sunday, September 10, was involved in what has been widely described as a near-fatal vehicular accident on the Kwabenya-ACP road.

According to Bullet, in an interview on Accra-based Hitz FM, the Survivor hitmaker’s Jeep Wrangler was ran into by a tipper truck from behind. The impact drove Wendy’s head into her dashboard, fracturing her nose. He added that due to the severity of the injuries, Wendy Shay will be flown to Germany to receive adequate medical attention.

To the public, the scary accident looks too familiar.

Ebony Reigns, Bullet’s first star signee, died by a road accident on February 8, 2018. Following the heartbreaking incident, some pastors and members of the public intimated that Bullet was a ritualist and, thus, masterminded the fatal accident.

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