Prophet Kofi Oduro slams government after he experienced ‘dumsor’ while preaching

Prophet Kofi Oduro, a well-known preacher from Ghana, has taken to criticizing the country’s leaders and administration after an unanticipated power outage interrupted his sermon at his church.

As far as the founder of Alabaster International Ministries is concerned, it is unfortunate that sixty-seven years after independence the nation is still dealing with frequent power shortages.

Prophet Kofi Oduro slams government after he experienced ‘dumsor’ while preaching

He said that in jurisdictions with functional systems, problems like power outages and water supply shortages hardly ever occur, and when they do, the governments in those countries give their citizens advance notice.

He made an example, for instance, of when he lived in London and what the experience was like.

Prophet Oduro narrated, “My brother just came from Holland, ask if he remembers when last they experienced power outage while their president or prime minister was giving a speech? Tell me that you experience power outage over there.

“I stayed overseas for four years. I stayed in London, and over there when the government intended to cut our supply of water to allow for maintenance work to be done, we were given formal notice three weeks to the day, we were reminded two weeks to the day, a week to the day and even the week of the day, we were notified. This was for just a 30mins maintenance work.”

He added that unfortunately in Ghana, there are leaders and people defending the nation’s failing systems.

He said, “The country is 67 years, yet our lights are turned off regularly. And you will see a minister boldly defending dumsor. It is sad, yet we do not acknowledge it.

“However, the truth is we shall all account for our deeds and be paid accordingly.”

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