Prophet banned from casinos for winning too much

After winning $30,000, a prophet from Zimbabwe said that God had given him the secret to winning at casinos. He was then banned.

The head of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect, Prophet Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, commented on being banned by saying that the win is the largest at a nearby casino.

“This is the biggest win ever recorded at the casino. I broke the previous record by almost double, and it was the biggest jackpot won on the site this year. My celebrations were cut short, however, because I have been banned by other casinos for winning too much. They claim that since I am a prophet, I am receiving visions from God about the winning numbers. They fear they will go bankrupt because I will win too often” he explained.

Prophet banned from casinos for winning too much

In an attempt to defend his winnings, Prophet Mutumwa said he paid some of his church members’ tuition and provided startup capital for their enterprises.

He also defended gambling.

“God works in mysterious ways. This win wasn’t about luck, but a test of faith. I prayed for guidance, and the Lord provided the numbers through a vision. Isn’t it a blessing to use these winnings to uplift my congregation? Gambling, when done responsibly, can be a source of good fortune that can be channelled towards helping others. Many people also come to me for spiritual guidance on winning lottery games, at casinos, or when placing bets. Interestingly, many of them have reported winning much more frequently since seeking my guidance” he opined.

A manager at a local casino confirmed that betting establishments typically restrict or close accounts of those who win consistently.

This policy aims to protect the financial stability of the casinos.

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