Prison officer impregnates prisoner’s wife, marries & pays bride price to her husband

After tying the knot with the woman, the Nigerian officer in Charge of the Suleja Custodial Centre, AbdulRahman Musa, an Assistant Controller of Corrections returned to pay money to the inmate and asked him to forget about his wife.

Reports say the Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), Haliru Nababa has initiated a high-level disciplinary procedure into the development.

The inquiry seeks to unravel circumstances surrounding the illicit marriage contract between the Officer and the wife of an inmate under his custody.

According to, the inmate’s wife had been visiting him regularly at the facility but later told her relatives that she wanted to file for a divorce because she was fed up with her husband remaining behind bars and the trouble of visiting him every time.

When the inmate heard about his wife’s intention to divorce him, he reportedly approached the officer in charge, Musa to help talk her out of the decision, not knowing he was dealing with his rival.

“Having gotten her pregnant, he then proceeded to tie the knots with her without even his own Personal Assistant knowing. He did everything in secret to the point that not a single personnel knew about it”, a source is quoted as saying.

Musa later resumed work after a break to marry the inmate’s wife and then gave him N10, 000 (GHS144) and then asked him to close his mind on his wife who the officer described as “a useless woman”.

Protest subsequently ensued inside the prison after the inmate narrated ACC Musa’s conduct to fellow inmates.

The officer tried to calm tempers among inmates who were angry in solidarity with their fellow whose wife has been snatched, but they reportedly bathed him with faeces and urine.

The prison warden has been reportedly redeployed to Kano state with immediate effect following the initiation of the probe into his conduct.


Source: Pulse Ghana

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