Prices of cement shoots up

From June 15, the price of a bag of cement is projected to climb by more than GH5, according to producers.

Customers in Accra would be the most affected by this hike, according to industry sources, because some manufacturers seek to offset transportation costs to other locations.
“We can control the manufacturing price,” one of the producers stated in an interview with Joy Business, “but we are not sure about the retail price on the markets in other countries.”

“We will try our hardest to take part of the expense of reducing the margin of increase once the transportation charges and other related costs have been added to the goods,” says the company.

The makers have attributed the rise to a variety of factors, the majority of which they have been attempting to address for some time.

Prices of cement shoots up

They cite a number of causes affecting the increase, including the depreciation of the Ghana cedi, price increases for fuel items, and transportation fees.

They also stated that their predicament has been exacerbated by supply issues with their production inputs as well as difficulties importing various raw materials as a result of events in Russia and Ukraine.

Manufacturers have also complained about some port fees, claiming that they have no choice but to pass the costs on to consumers.

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