Poverty made me look very ugly – Delay

Business magnate and well-known media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, also referred to as Delay, recently shared details of her incredible path from hardship to success.

Delay claimed that others labeled her ugly since she couldn’t afford key necessities in her life.

Delay claims that in the past, she was extremely frugal and could not even purchase body lotion.

The Delay Show host, Delay, talked about the difficulties she faced in her early years and how, at one point, her goals were challenged because she didn’t satisfy certain criteria of beauty.

Poverty made me look very ugly – Delay

She claimed that people who didn’t think she was attractive enough to appear on television would often criticize her harshly.

When Delay looked back on her early hardships, she disclosed how her dreams were hampered by her limited resources.

She claimed that it was difficult for her to even afford basic essentials like body lotion during that time. Delay said she was happy with who she was and where she had come from.

She mentioned that her hard work and sacrifices were what made her renowned.

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