Popular Ghanaian Pastor caught stealing a corpse from a cemetery

Popular Ghanaian Pastor caught stealing a corpse from a cemetery

A Popular Ghanaian Pastor has been arrested after he was caught stealing a corpse from a cemetery at Abura Batayaa in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region.

In a new report by Starrfm, a pastor and the 3 people are in the grips of the police after they were caught with cutlasses, schnapps, shovels, eggs, boiled yam, pick-axe amongst others at a nearby cemetery were attempting to loot a grave.

The Assemblyman disclosed that they suspect those arrested came into the area to loot the grave and take away human skeletons as directions given to them by their spiritual fathers.

The incident happened at midnight on Tuesday, March 30, the Assembly Member for area Godlove Blankson said.

He alleged that the suspects were probably going to use the human skeletons for money rituals.

The Assemblymember further disclosed that the suspects claimed there’s gold on the land which they came to dig up.

The Assemblyman disclosed that many graves in the area have been looted in the past and suspects the group of committing those acts.


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