Politics made me lose my businesses and friends – Mzbel

According to Ghanaian artist Mzbel, her involvement in politics had a significant detrimental impact on both her personal and professional lives, and she now regrets it.

She claims that because she didn’t have advice on how to handle politics as a celebrity, she used incorrect phrases that caused a wave of criticism from the public and damaged her reputation in the nation.

The singer, who is a well-known NDC adherent, announced that she has made the decision to stay out of politics and concentrate on both her companies and her singing profession.

Speaking in an interview with JoyPrime TV on the CelebBiz program, she said.

Politics made me lose my businesses and friends – Mzbel

“I supported my party [NDC], and It was my first time coming out to say this and that, but I didn’t consult anybody about how it’s done if it’s okay the way I’m doing it. I just went all out,” she said.

“I just went all out and people misunderstood me once again. And I believe some choices of words I used were not appropriate in that space. So I had a lot of backlash, a lot of hate.

“I lost a lot of businesses, a lot of friends. Yes. So this time around, I’m trying to be very careful. I still love my party [NDC]. I will still support my party. I’m not going to come out.”

She stated that her claim of not releasing a song until former President John Dramani Mahama returned to power was a joke.

“I was just joking. Recently, when I was pregnant, I did two songs, but it was just for people to laugh. It wasn’t something to make money or perform with. But now that the baby is out of the belly I will start working music, said Mzbel.

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